Parent Survey & Testimonials - Aspen Heights British School

Parent Survey & Testimonials

The results from the recent Aspen Heights British School Parent Survey speak for themselves.

Over 90% of parents agree that:

  • Their child is happy at Aspen Heights.
  • Their child feels safe and secure.
  • Their child is taught well.
  • The school makes sure its students are well behaved.
  • Aspen Heights is well led and managed.
  • They are satisfied with the education and progress their child is making at Aspen Heights.
  • They would recommend Aspen Heights to other parents.


“ We love the schools culture of caring and the overall healthy environment. They are focused on creating a safe space for children as well as creating awareness and different activities to include parents at all times. The curriculum is excellent and provision of extra curricular activities is amazing.”   – Parents of Hamad – Nursery

“The teachers are very professional. They know their job very well. They make kids learn through play and that’s how the kids remember things learnt at school. Also the school encourages the learning of Arabic language from such a young age. They have workshops which helps parents know how to practise at home as well. There are so many activities/events taking place where even the parents are involved. I hope they continue with the same teaching for all the kids.”    – Parents of Humaira – FS2 

“Personalised learning and a true community school. Everyone knows my children and are invested in their academic and personal growth :).”  – Parents of Inayah, Zayd and Rayan

“A school that feels like you are at home and among your family ” – Parents of Nabil, Tuleen, and Thalia