Sustainability at Aspen - Aspen Heights British School

Sustainability at Aspen Heights British School

At Aspen Heights British School, we recognize our responsibility to nurture not only the minds of our students but also the world around us. Sustainability is a core part of our curriculum; it is a commitment ingrained in our ethos and daily practices. We want our children to become global citizens who are encouraged to inquire and become knowledgeable about environmental issues, in an open-minded and caring, principled manner.

In 2023, we proudly received the Bronze Green Flag award by Eco Schools Organization UK, and this year, our Eco Council is actively working towards the Silver award.


Sustainability as Part of the Curriculum

Our sustainability curriculum is integrated into our teaching methodology through inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities during PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education) sessions in an age-appropriate manner. In Early Years and Primary, Arabic medium teachers also adjust their lessons to fit the sustainability theme. We have a dedicated Eco-council comprising of enthusiastic students from across year groups who are committed to promoting environmental awareness, sustainability practices, and positive change within our school community and beyond.

Sustainability through Extra-Curricular Activities

At Aspen Heights, we know learning takes place both inside and outside the classrooms. We make sure our students explore sustainability through a number of extra-curricular activities such as:

Junk Kouture : Junk Kouture is a platform that celebrates sustainability, fashion, and artistry. After being shortlisted among Abu Dhabi schools in the original competition, our amazing teachers started this initiative as an after school activity.  Week after week, students transform everyday “junk” and recycled materials into stunning wearable art pieces. From plastic bottles to old newspapers our students learn about the importance of upcycling, waste reduction, and environmental consciousness while showcasing their talent and passion for sustainable fashion.

ISP Changemakers Programme: As part of the ISP International Learning Opportunities for Students (ILOS), our students have access to an international sustainability programme called ‘ISP Changemakers Programme’. This programme empowers students to drive positive change in their communities by tackling real-world sustainability challenges, collaborating with peers, and implementing innovative solutions.

Hydroponics Greenhouse

The hydroponics at Aspen is a unique feature of our school. We use the hydroponics to teach our students sustainable growth of fruits and vegetables. Our Hydroponics consists of an A-frame, Dutch buckets, Herb bed and a Nursery table. Hydroponics is a technique that uses water based nutrient solution rather than soil, we use perlite in our Dutch buckets.

The idea behind hydroponics is that we can grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables year round and still be sustainable and environmentally friendly. When it is time to harvest, we try and give back to the community by donating the fruits and vegetables or by sharing them within the school.

Partnership with Yalla Return

As a proud British Curriculum school in Abu Dhabi, Aspen Heights has collaborated with the local entity ‘Tadweer’ to launch an innovative smart technology recycling initiative called ‘Yalla Return’.  With the help of Tadweer, Aspen Heights has installed smart bins outside our school, and students and staff are encouraged to fill up the smart bags available in school with recyclable materials.  This initiative empowers our community to manage waste effectively, providing recycling kits with smart technology to track the lifecycle of recycled materials.