Focused on Student Progress | Aspen Heights British School

Student Progress

You will always know how well your child is progressing at Aspen Heights British School.

We have adopted some of the best technologies, methodologies and processes for tracking student progress, which means that their learning is constantly evaluated to ensure continued, sustained and remarkable progress:

  • Classroom Monitor – A student progress tracking system, which enables us to know exactly where your child is against every single one of the ENS/EYFS attainment standards, at any one time.
  • 2Simple – An application which enables us to create online portfolios of early years children’s progress.
  • International Benchmark Tests – These tests enable us to compare student performance internationally, between years and over time. Detailed reports provide information about a student’s strengths and areas of improvement in all subjects.

Progress will be shared with you at our regular family consultations, with written reports twice annually