Scholarship Opportunities | Aspen Heights Britsh School


Aspen Heights British School’s Scholarship Programme
is designed to recognise and foster excellence in the classroom, the sports field, and beyond. Our bespoke programme aligns with our core value of personalisation, enabling our young people to explore their interests and talents, and harness exceptional potential in areas of strength. The scholarships are part of our Secondary, IBDP Scholarship Enrichment and CAS Programme. Students enrolled on our scholarship programme will be given opportunities beyond the standard academic and CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) offering. Scholarship students will receive an enhanced enrichment programme, detailed below:
· Bespoke, ‘invitation-only’ access to visits, workshops, and lectures.
· An allocated learning mentor, and regular mentor meetings.
· Access to enhanced skill development workshops.
· Out of hours cultural, sporting and academic events.
· Regular target reviews with relevant senior staff.
· Global Citizenship GCSE for Years 10 and 11
· Years 7, 8 and 9 personalised CAS Provision
· IBDP scholars are offered up to 75% discount on tuition fee.

Secondary Scholarships

Our IB Diploma Programme scholarships are open for submission. Be our next changemaker or innovator – apply for an IBDP scholarship at Aspen Heights today. 

Ghaf Scholars- Academic Scholars

  • Students applying as Ghaf Scholars should be able to demonstrate strong all-round academic performance across the core subjects, enabling them to think critically and problem solve.
  • The scholarship is named after the Ghaf Tree which is the national tree of the UAE, and has a historic and cultural symbolism signifying peace and stability. The Ghaf scholarship reinforces our commitment to building the UAE as a beacon for highly educated individuals.

Pine Scholars – IB Diploma Scholars

  • Aspen Pine Scholars should be able to demonstrate a strong all round academic performance, exemplify the IB learner profile characteristics. They should be globally minded with a drive to make a difference in our world whilst fostering a love for learning.
  • The scholarship is named after the Pine Tree which is symbolic of wisdom, bright future, and hope.

Birch Scholars – Creative Art Scholars

  • Students applying to be Birch Scholars are expected to demonstrate artistic talent and creativity both at home and school. They should be able to showcase a range of work across their discipline.
  • The scholarship is named after the Birch Leaf which is symbolic of new beginnings, growth and optimism.

Palm Scholars – Sports scholars

  • Students applying to be Palm Scholars are expected to be committed, enthusiastic energetic sports people who may excel in one sport and are highly proficient in many sports.
  • The scholarship is named after the Palm Leaf which is symbolic of victory, triumph, and peace.

Oak Scholars – Stem Scholars

  • Students applying to be Oak Scholars should be inquisitive and curious about Science and Maths and be able to apply their scientific and mathematical skills and knowledge to creating inventions and solving problems.
  • The scholarship is named after the Oak Tree which is symbolic of courage, and power, as well as its unique growth pattern, and expansive canopy. The oak tree symbolizes health, luck, resistance, morale, and survival

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

– Good attendance (96% or above)
– High effort and attainment
– Maintaining our code of conduct
– Being a role model for behaviour
– The scholars’ enrolment will be reviewed termly in light of the above.