Scholarships - Aspen Heights British School

Academic Scholarships

Aspen Heights British School offer academic scholarships to talented students in our Secondary School (Year 7-11)

Scholarship is an important part of the independent school program, carrying prestige for each scholar and adding weight to university applications. For the cohort, scholars act as role models and peer group leaders, demonstrating how potential can be realised and what can be achieved through commitment and determination. For the school, scholars add an energy and vibrancy to community spirit, diversity and excellence.

Aspen Heights British School Scholarship offers:

  • Scholarships from Year 7 upwards to students who demonstrate excellence.
  • Small classes with high level of pastoral care
  • Personalised learning to challenge the most able
  • Single gender classes (boys and girls in same building)
  • ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Program – delivers a unique international and cultural experience; enabling students to develop their language and communication skills, whilst learning about other cultures and cultivating long-term  friendships across the world, it is an experience that offers students amazing and diverse learning opportunities within a safe and secure online environment.
  • Enrichment through our ECA program (after school 4 days per week)
  • Specialist subject teachers
  • Specialist trips for scholarship pupils
  • School Fee discount

The scholarship will be renewed each year provided that academic performance is maintained at the highest level.

Scholarships will be awarded during the admissions process, or on joining the school to eligible candidates.