Amazing Learning happens at Aspen Heights British School

Amazing Learning

‘Amazing Learning’ for all – children, staff and families – is central to everything we do. Our personalised education ensures that children make remarkable progress and achieve standards that will impress you.

Aspen Heights British School embraces the individuality of every learner. We support student learning through a robust, student-focused curriculum, and enriching after-school programmes. Aspen Heights focuses relentlessly on each child’s ability to thrive in all areas; academically, socially, culturally and physically. Whether through mentoring, enrichment or personalised study, we recognise and nurture each student’s gifts and talents so that they amaze themselves and inspire others.

The astounding progress our children have made – for example, children being able to write only a few letters at the beginning of the year, to writing full pages of cursive script by the end of the year – is something we are truly proud of.