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Why Aspen Heights British School

Aspen Heights British School in Abu Dhabi provides a supportive and engaging international environment, enabling children to flourish and mature into highly skilled, resilient and caring global citizens. Your child will be inspired by our exciting and personalised curriculum, interwoven with opportunities to explore our incredible locality through environmental themes.

We offer a personalised, high quality British education, with a focus on the community and environment.

We deliver the National Curriculum for England in a very personalised way, integrating the community and environment.

Following a concept and inquiry-based learning approach, children use all parts of the curriculum to find answers to problems, facilitating 21st century learning and collaborative problem solving that will help to prepare them for their future.  Children are provided with opportunities to apply academic learning from their traditional subjects such as mathematics and English in a real context, making their learning far more meaningful.

Amazing learning is central to everything we do

‘Amazing Learning’ for all – children, staff and families – is central to everything we do. Our personalised British education ensures that children make remarkable progress and achieve standards that will amaze you.

The astounding progress our children have made – for example, children being able to write only a few letters at the beginning of the year, to writing full pages of cursive script by the end of the year – is something we are truly proud of .

Part of International Schools Partnership (“iSP”)

We are proud to be part of International Schools Partnership (iSP), a global community of 80+ schools across 22 countries with a shared purpose of growing the world’s most curious, confident minds.

We champion a transformative approach to learning that goes beyond the classroom.

By igniting our students’ curiosity and growing their self-confidence, our students thrive throughout their time at school and beyond.

We have some of the best facilities of any school in Abu Dhabi, and a focus on sustainability and environment

Aspen Heights British School is privileged to have a wide range of world-class, brand new facilities, with bespoke-designed playgrounds, and gardens, wooden ‘trim-trails’ and climbing equipment, a new astro-turf sports pitch, and environmental features including a hydroponics greenhouse where children learn to cultivate their own vegetables, herbs and fruit. We also have animals such as tortoises, fish and chickens, which provide children with wonderful hands-on opportunities to interact with their environment.

Our spacious campus has been built keeping nature in mind, as we believe that providing children with an eco-friendly environment will instil a sense of responsibility towards the world.

See our Campus and Facilities section for more information.

We are a truly international community school

Aspen Heights British School believes children learn best when they’re happy and secure in a stimulating and welcoming environment. We embrace the individuality of every child, ensuring their wellbeing is high priority, and we are in touch with our community and the uniqueness of the region.

Our school resembles a lovely close-knot, ambitious community school.  We communicate regularly with our families through our parent portals, and families are invited to our assembly every Thursday morning, with coffee provided afterwards. We also run a series of Family Workshops to involve our parents in their children’s learning, and to encourage their support .

Our teachers are highly experienced and passionate about education

Aspen Heights British School’s achievements are due to our committed and professional teaching team. Our high quality teachers, all of whom are dedicated to providing an exceptional education for every child, constantly reflect on the impact of their teaching on children’s learning. Our class teachers are all native English speakers, with years of UK and international experience, and many have been in the region for some time.

Our relationships with all members of our community is one of our strengths – everyone is very enthusiastic and friendly; every child is supported in a very open, warm and calm environment .

You can meet our teachers here.

Our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) offerings are among the best in Abu Dhabi, and we are also a Google For Education school

We are constantly investing in new technology to enhance our teaching and learning. We have Chrome books for every child from Year 1 upwards, smart boards in all our primary classrooms and technology including iPads and tablets.

We are also one of the few Google For Education schools in Abu Dhab i.

More on our ICT capabilities here.

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities

Aspen Heights British School offers a wide range of enrichment activities to help students cultivate individual interests and talents and develop social skills, including football, science, badminton, dance, drama, swimming, basketball , gardening, painting and Arabic .

You will always know how well your child is progressing, and there are never any lost opportunities for learning

Aspen Heights British School ensures there are never any lost opportunities for learning.

Children’s attainment and progress are regularly evaluated with internal and external benchmark assessments, which means that their learning is constantly evaluated to ensure remarkable progress. Our teachers use online assessment tools such as Classroom Monitor and 2Simple to track student progress and share with parents how well their child is doing .