School Podcasts - Aspen Heights British School


Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 1

Listen to the voices of Aspen Heights and learn why our community loves this school

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 2

Discover what life is like at Aspen Heights. Year 12 tell us about the new IB Programme, we're talking books and authors, astronauts and ECAs!

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 3

This week we're talking ECAs and sustainability, test your knowledge of the UAE and discuss some book reviews.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 4

This week we are talking about School Council and its value within our community, along with some learning updates.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 5

Let's talk about numbers as we celebrate Maths Day at Aspen Heights. There are movie reviews, book recommendations and so much more!

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 6

This week we thank our teachers for all their hard work, we focus on some of our ECA options, the weekly book and film recommendations are included and we talk about Pink Week.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 7

This week we reflect on Pink Week. Year 4 share their newspaper reports about George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and we meet the new student President and Vice-President.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 8

This week Year 6 interviewed members of the cast from Peter Pan, the Secondary Podcasters interview students from the archery club and Ms Egan, our Music Teacher. We also met Laura Naylor from Dubai 92.

Exclusive Interview with Laura Naylor from Dubai 92 Radio

We had the great privilege of welcoming Laura Naylor to Aspen Heights British School this week. She opened our new Media Studio, met some students from our Podcasting Club and agreed to be interviewed. Here is that exclusive interview!

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 9

This week we reflect on Scholar’s Den and Flag Day. There is a poem about climate change and book reviews from Year 5. Plus all our weekly features, guess the sound from Year 1, how well do you know the UAE and we leave you with a thought for the week.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 10

This week Y2 interviewed author Rochelle Williams, who visited the school to talk about her book The Hungry Camel, Y5 tell us about their trip to Yas Circuit and we find out all about Toddler Group.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 11

This week Y3 tell us about there trip to Umm Al Emarat Park, Y6 tell us about their trip to the Aquarium and we reflect on Anti-Bullying week.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 12

This week we meet some of our UAE Ambassadors, hear about the Year 1 trip to the National Aquarium and talk about KS2 House Day.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 13 - UAE National Day Special

Join us as we celebrate 52nd UAE National Day.

Ahlan @ Aspen Episode 14

This week we hear all about the EYFS/ KS1 House Day, we learn about the launch of Yalla Return and find out about the Year 2 trip to the Cultural Foundation.