Our Team - Aspen Heights British School

Our Team

Aspen Heights British School staff recognise the responsibility and the privilege of developing and supporting your child to be the best they can be. Our staff care. They work incredibly hard to get to know your child’s strengths and their hopes, dreams and aspirations, enabling them to facilitate a truly personalised education.

Our learning community extends to our staff; we are on a constant quest for personal and organisational improvement, supported by bespoke training and professional development for all staff.

Emma Shanahan



Kate Plumb

Head of Secondary


Charlotte Clark

Acting Head of Primary & EYFS


Ouassila Knani

Head of Arabic and Islamic


Katrina Morgan

Head of Inclusion

Samantha Ribbens

Assistant Head of EYFS


Elizabeth Barry Cutter

Acting Deputy Head of Primary

James Alloub

Assistant Head of Secondary

Fiona Stewart

IBDP Coordinator

Basma Ahmed

Arabic Senior Leader

Mohamed Abdulkader

Arabic Senior Leader

Eldesouki Elsayed Mostafa

Arabic Senior Leader

Redah Khan

School Counsellor

Sandy Saadeh

Registration and ADEK Liaison Manager

Adil Raza

Finance & Administration Manager

Nicolette Van Dyk

HR Manager


Michelle Richards

Admissions & Communications Manager


Nour Hasan Farha

Assistant Registrar & e-SIS Co-ordinator

Reem Nasr

Administration Assistant

Shahzeen Abdulla

Human Resources Assistant

Aspen Heights British School - Rouba El Katib

Finance Assistant

Qusai Meree

Public Relations Officer

Aysheh Faraj


Aquiles Busilac

FM Operations and Coordinator

Glenn Tantug

IT Administrator

Noor Hussein

Admissions Assistant