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British Curriculum

We offer a personalised, high quality British education, with a focus on the local community and environment

At Aspen Heights British School, we believe learning is maximised when children understand why they are learning a skill or concept, and how this can be applied in the real world.

The National Curriculum for England supports this. Within this, students direct their own learning through inquiry-based learning and collaborative group problem solving. This enables them to apply their skills and knowledge in a meaningful context, facilitating the development of essential critical thinking and communication skills. Such powerful learning empowers the children to take greater responsibility for the outcomes of a task and facilitates positive group dynamics. In addition, it is fun – which makes learning more effective!

Aspen Heights British School’s bespoke curriculum has been devised to integrate and appreciate the locality and the local environment, so as well as being inquiry- based, we focus a lot on environmental themes, such as recycling and how to grow our own fruit and vegetables.

Speaking, listening and writing development

Our personalised curriculum means our children’s progress is remarkable. We utilise proven strategies to support children’s speaking, listening and writing development, such as Talk 4 Writing by Pie Corbett and Read Write Perform, to develop children’s speaking capabilities, and to support their oral language development; a pre-requisite to being able to write in English. We also incorporate public speaking and debating to develop children’s confidence in speaking to an audience.

Learning languages at Aspen Heights British School plays an important role in our students’ lives

We believe that learning languages is crucial for cognitive development, and with Arabic, the maintenance of cultural identity.

We teach Arabic for both native and non-native speakers from Nursery up. We also offer French from Year 3.

The Arabic curriculum framework at Aspen Heights British School is centred on the Ministry of Education curriculum, and incorporates concept- and enquiry-based methodologies aligned with ENC classroom practice. Our Arabic colleagues work hand-in-hand with English class teachers to ensure a consistent experience for children, and equally amazing progress.