International Day 2018 - Aspen Heights British School


The children in the FS1 Butterflies class were excited to represent China for the International Day. We created some fancy hats for boys and some red hand-fans. We watched a visual where the children were greeting each other in Mandarin. We learnt how to say, Ni Hao, Xie Xie and Zaijian, which means hello, thank you and bye!

During International Week FS1 Geckoes class learnt all about the country Jordan. We learnt about the ancient city of Petra and about how it was lost for many years, we thought this was very cool! We each painted a picture of the Treasury in Petra using the correct golden colours. We also listened to some Jordanian songs and tried Jordanian food. We all enjoyed wearing our own countries national dress and telling our friends about our country.

FS2 Doves enjoyed looking at the beautiful Taiwan. During the week we explored the different features of the country such as landscape, buildings, food etc. We discussed the similarities and differences between UAE and Taiwan. The children created flags for the stall. For the international day assembly, we did a fantastic bamboo stick dance to traditional music from Taiwan.

For international week FS2 Bulbuls were learning about Romania. We had lots of fun learning a traditional dance to show the parents at assembly. We also learnt how to say hello and thank you in Romanian. In literacy we read traditional Romanian old folks tales. Our favourite tale was called ‘The Bear Fooled by the Fox’.

Year 1 Hares were totally immersed in their learning about Lebanon.  They used the chrome books in our class to research facts about the country and then used their information to create posters.  We also used different materials like paints and tissue paper to decorate the Lebanese flags which we drew independently.  They also really enjoyed learning the Dabke dance which is the traditional dance of the country.

Year 2 Oryx researched Pakistani and found out lots of facts. The boys learnt how to tie a Pakistani turban and the girls learnt a dance. The children had so much fun.

Year 3 Flamingos celebrated Malaysia on International Day. We spent time in class researching Malaysia and found out interesting facts about traditions and the flag. We created masks inspired by Malaysian wooden masks and learned to count to 5 in Malaysian. With the help of some very generous parents, we shared food and artefacts from Malaysia on our stall.

International Day was lots of fun for Year 4 Falcons. They had a fantastic time learning about the different cultures and Zulu People in South Africa. Liam created a poster to share facts with the class before the main event on Tuesday. The children created masks to wear during their performances because they had learned that the Zulu people wore these masks during celebrations and also hung them outside their doors afterwards. They also researched facts about South Africa and created posters to show people during the assembly.

Year 4 had great fun learning The Gum Boot Dance with Miss Martins and enjoyed performing it for the audience. They each created a South African flag, one flag is now hanging proudly on the International Tree and another is on the P.E running display. We were proud to lead the parade and be the first class to place our flag on the tree. Liam had the honour of placing his home country’s flag on the tree for Year 4. We had lots of fun exploring all of the different country’s stalls and thank you to the South African families for creating a fantastic stall for our class.

The Year 5 Hawksbills really enjoyed learning about the UK for international week. They learnt about the history of the UK and how it has changed over time. We learnt about important landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Snowdonia, The Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge, The Houses of Parliament and The Tower of London.  We also looked at what different traditions the UK has, there were a lot as the UK is made up of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. On international day we got to try traditional British food and drink such as Yorkshire Tea, custard creams, scones, cucumber sandwiches and we listened to traditional stories.