Inspiring Change with Paul Dix

Inspiring Change with Paul Dix – We believe it is essential that pupils feel happy, safe, secure and know who to turn to in school if they have a question or concern. This supports pupils to become confident, caring and responsible individuals who are equipped with the personal, social and emotional skills to succeed in their lives. At International Schools Partnership (ISP) schools, pupils are at the very heart of all that we do. Our teams work tirelessly to ensure pupils build positive relationships with their peers and teachers, which supports the development of all the essential skills they need to become successful individuals.

There is also a strong culture of nurturing lifelong learners in our schools, we provide opportunities for our students, families and staff to continuously learn through our ISP Educates ME initiative.

As part of this program, our staff in the Middle East recently took part in a workshop led by Paul Dix, a globally renowned behaviour specialist and author of the best-selling book ‘When The Adults Change, Everything Changes.’ During the workshop, Paul shared his strategies that empower adults to cultivate learning environments where the highest standards of behaviour are accompanied by the most positive relationships.

Paul highlighted the need for a consistent approach to relationship building by all adults working in a school and a focus on positive reinforcement strategies, rather than a more traditional approach to behaviour management based on a pupil’s fear of breaking rules. Paul argued that positive relationships are drivers for academic success and that any approach to behaviour management should be a tool used to promote positive relationships with peers and adults, with the common purpose of helping everyone learn in a nurturing, empathetic and respectful environment. Consistency, clear, and calm adult behaviour underpins this.

As Paul says in his book, ‘When The Adults Change, Everything Changes’, consistency lies in the behaviour of adults and not simply in the application of procedure. A truly sustainable consistent approach does not come from a tool kit of strategies but in the determination of every member of staff to hold firm. The key is to develop a consistency that ripples through every interaction on behaviour. Where learners feel treated and valued as individuals, they respect adults and accept their authority.”

About his time with our staff Paul said, “It was an absolute privilege to work with all of the teachers at ISP. Their enthusiasm and commitment to improving their schools and outcomes for their students shone through. I was particularly impressed with the incisive questioning and by the full parrot costume Meet and Greet (at The Aquila School)!!”

The highly informative workshop also included an opportunity for our Principals to ask questions specific to their schools, as a way to future enhance the learning environment for the pupils.

Many staff members across ISP were inspired by the session and shared their views.

“Paul Dix provided an engaging session during which he shared strategies and anecdotes, giving context to positive behaviour reinforcements and restorative practices.” – Kate Matthews, Assistant Head Teacher at Hamilton International School, Qatar

“I thoroughly enjoyed the thought-provoking workshop led by Paul Dix. I especially enjoyed the ‘tips and tricks’ Paul has used in schools, to build positive relationships and ensure a consistent approach to behaviour management.” – Alistair Downs,ISP School Improvement Consultant )

“Paul Dix made me think about the ways I can change as a teacher, in order to support and understand our students. More than anything, I have learned from his workshop that we need to show our appreciation to our students.” – Asma Alabbasi, Head of Whole School Arabic, Park House English School, Qatar.

As an author and trainer Paul has helped teachers and headteachers  across the world in inspiring change with transformational relational behaviour practice. He is a speaker in high demand, engaging huge audiences in practical ways to transform their classrooms, relationships and schools. Paul has advised the Department for Education in England, supported the Education Select Committee and carried out extensive work with the Ministry of Justice. His best-selling books include ‘When The Adults Change, Everything Changes’ and ‘After The Adults Change Achieving Behaviour Nirvana.’