How to Support Good Studying Habits - Aspen Heights British School

With many students currently undertaking revision and exams, we would like to share some good studying habits and tips with you, to help guide your children.

It is important to know that intelligence is not measured by just school grades, good learning practices can help you achieve your goals and lead to success in your academic journey.

Studying is a skill. How did you learn to ride your bike? Someone may have given you a few lessons and then you practiced a lot. You can learn how to study in a similar way. You can adopt certain good studying habits and skills and make it a routine.

Good studying habits include many different skills:

  • time management
  • self-discipline
  • concentration
  • memorization
  • organization
  • effort

The desire to succeed is an important factor as well, particularly for our secondary students.

You can support your child to discover their unique and personal learning style. They may also have a preferred channel through which learning comes more easily to them. Learners should be asking themselves the following: am I more inclined to remember something better when I see it, when I hear it, or when I experience it or do something active with it?

According to a study done by Mayland Community College here are some best practice tips based on their answers:

Good Studying Habits

For more information on how to support your child, you can access the full study here and this can easily be adapted to your child’s age and needs.

Remember grades aren’t everything and should never be prioritized above well-being. Instead, we should always focus on lifelong learning as being essential to success!

Our School Counselor, Redah Khan is available on-site to provide individual support and one-to-one counseling sessions. This helps promote the psychological well-being of students, enabling them to make the most of the opportunities offered for their social and academic development.