BSME Wellbeing Conference Held at Aspen Heights British School

Aspen Heights British School recently hosted the BSME Wellbeing Conference 2024, bringing together educators from all over Middle East to discuss how to design education systems that prioritise students’ holistic wellbeing in schools. Keynote speakers included Matthew Savage and Andrea Downie. The event featured workshops, practical tools, and a panel discussion on cultural sensitivity and wellbeing.

Talking about the event, Mrs Emma Shanahan, our Principal, emphasised that wellbeing is a focus at Aspen Heights British School and said “When we opened in 2017, we aimed to create a learning community that truly cared for all our members – children, staff and families. As the BSME Network Lead school for Wellbeing we are committed to prioritising the wellbeing of our community. We view wellbeing an essential pre-requisite for effective learning and personal growth.”

The conference featured a panel discussion whereby Redah Khan, our school counsellor was a key contributor in discussing how cultural context and cultural sensitivity tie into wellbeing. The event played a key role in fostering networking opportunities, collaboration, and exchange of best practices among delegates, speakers, and leading educational consultants.

To read more about the wellbeing conference along with the insightful discussions it facilitated for holistic student wellbeing, click on the link below.

Aspen Heights British School, is an international British School in Abu Dhabi and is a proud member of the British School Middle East (BSME).