Aspen Heights British School excels in Arabic

We are proud to announce that Aspen Heights British School has won the  BSME Arabic Challenge. This is the second year in a row that our school has beat all other British International Schools in the UAE in this competition.

Hosted on the Education Perfect Platform, this annual competition celebrates the joy of Arabic language learning through engaging activities and assessments. Our non-native Arabic students, who passionately embraced the challenge, deserve a resounding round of applause. On top of our school being recognized as the best school in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in this competition, we also had students who placed first and third in the individual categories when competing against over 563 from across the Middle East.

Mirab, the first-place winner, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I want to thank my teachers and classmates for their unwavering support, making this win unforgettable.” Bakhtawar, securing third place, echoed the sentiment, stating, “I’m so grateful for the encouragement from my teachers and classmates. This experience has taught me a lot of valuable lessons.”


This victory not only highlights individual excellence but also emphasizes our school’s commitment to fostering language skills and a supportive learning environment. Congratulations to all participants, and special thanks to our Arabic team for their invaluable contributions and mentorship. We look forward to more such achievements. As a British Curriculum School in Abu Dhabi, we are a proud member of the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME). This means that our students have the additional opportunity of competing and being a part of activities with their peers from other International British Curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi, the UAE and wider region.