Understanding FS1 and FS2 | Aspen Heights British School

Choosing the right school for your child at any age, can be a difficult decision, but when considering the right place for an early years child, parents have even more questions

Our Assistant Head of Primary and Early Years Foundation Stage at Aspen Heights British School, Ms Charlotte Clark helps to answer one of the most asked question for parents with children between the ages of two and five – What is FS1 and FS2 in the British Curriculum?

As a British Curriculum School in Abu Dhabi, Aspen Heights British School recognises that young children’s learning is often driven by their interests. Encouraging your child to begin their learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) phase of school allows young children to start their learning journey with confidence and amazing learning experiences. Our EYFS curriculum is a 2-year play-based curriculum, that starts in Nursery and progresses into Foundation Stage 2 (FS2). During this time there are a variety of learning areas and environments that children experience learning in. Our teachers carefully plan and prepare the environments to meet the children’s interests and needs, resulting in children’s learning being personal and purposeful to them.

Some of our learning areas at Aspen Height British School are:

  • the construction area
  • the creative area
  • a small world area
  • a writing area
  • a mathematics area
  • understanding of the world area
  • an extensive outdoor area that includes access to our Aspen Animals

All these areas play their part in helping children to build learning behaviours across the Early Years Curriculum. Some of the most notable areas of development are in their communication and language skills, as well as their social and independence skills. The development of these skills helps to ensure that our students are set up to be successful learners as they move through the school. While many parents contemplate putting their children into school for FS1 and FS2, our education team encourages families to understand the benefits for students in these early years. The early years curriculum provides the best environment for young children to really develop socially, emotionally and academically.