Aspen Heights Hydroponics Garden

At Aspen Heights British School we are privileged to have a beautiful hydroponics garden. This area serves as a thriving space where students are able to grow their knowledge, but it is also an area where they grow fresh, sustainable produce. Sustainability is one of the core themes in our curriculum and we provide children with hands-on learning opportunities to nurture a love for the environment.

Our Hydroponics Garden was recently featured in an article in Khaleej Times where our Principal, Mrs Emma Shanahan, spoke about the school’s commitment to sustainability and also discussed COP28 being held in the UAE. She said “Our students produce healthy, organic, and sustainably sourced produce for our whole community. Our students have been monitoring the progress of the crops carefully, noting when the water table is running low, and identifying which seedlings need careful attention. Some produce is used to feed our school tortoise; the rest are shared with families who make voluntary charity donations to the Red Crescent.”