Aspen Heights Students Volunteer at Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi - Aspen Heights British School

Secondary Students at Aspen Heights British School had the opportunity to volunteer to be part of the New York University (NYU), Abu Dhabi Team at the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix event held at Al Forsan International Sports Resort. Our students volunteered as Observers, Pit Marshalls, and Guest Registrars at the event, and witnessed the innovation of 400 students from 28 high schools in the UAE, USA, Italy, and Egypt as they raced their hand-built electric cars at the event.

“I believe that STEM education is more than just learning in the classroom; it’s about applying those concepts in real-world settings,” remarked Muskaan, a Secondary student at Aspen Heights. “Volunteering at the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix not only allowed me to see STEM principles in action but also inspired me to explore how I can make a difference through technology and innovation.”

Fatima, another Year 10 student, who attended and won at the World Scholars’ Cup highlighted the significance of community volunteering. “Being part of events like the Grand Prix not only gives us a chance to contribute to the community but also teaches us important life skills like teamwork and communication,” she said.

Udayan, one of our Secondary scholarship winners, emphasized the importance of hands-on learning opportunities. “At Aspen Heights, we’re encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and take on new challenges,” he explained. “Volunteering at the Grand Prix allowed me to see the practical applications of what I’ve learned in class and ignited a passion for exploring further in the field of technology and engineering.”

Through their participation in events like the Electric Vehicle Grand Prix, students at Aspen Heights British School are not only enriching their own educational journeys but also making meaningful contributions to their communities and inspiring others to pursue their passions in STEM education.

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