Aspen Heights Student Competes in ‘Tournament of Champions’ at Yale University

At Aspen Heights British School, our commitment to nurturing well-rounded globally aware students, goes beyond the confines of the classroom. Recently, we had the privilege of celebrating the achievement of one of our Year 10 pupils, Fatima, who not only participated in the World Scholars Cup Global Round in Doha, but also secured a coveted spot in the ‘Tournament of Champions’ at Yale University this month.

The ‘Tournament of Champions’ was a wonderful opportunity for students to work together on serious global issues through debate, essay writing, quick fire quizzes, scholastic challenges and research. The event gave students a chance to learn and interact directly with Yale students and faculty. Talking about her experience at the event, Fatima said “My experience was amazing, I made so many friends and we shared so many experiences together that we have bonded for life. The competition was very tough, but it makes you learn a lot and I would encourage students to take part if they can. Regardless of your  interest in academics, sports, or history, you learn about everything.”

Fatima made Aspen Heights proud by placing 11th in the writing competition. She competed among 1500 students from all over the world. About her writing prompt Fatima said, “My prompt was under the topic of Science and Technology, so I wrote about a machine that can measure the emotions of people in history. I linked it to my own country and the conflict that’s happening there, and tried to make it a very personal story which seemed to resonate with the judges. I am very happy that I won, but I am happier about having the privilege to be able to learn so much from so many different people from across the globe”. 

As we reflect on Fatima’s incredible journey, we take immense pride in her achievements. Her success at the World Scholars Cup and participation in the Tournament of Champions at Yale University, exemplify the calibre of students we have at Aspen Heights British School. We are so proud of Fatima and her remarkable accomplishment, and we will continue to empower students to think critically, collaborate effectively, and thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.