Aspen Heights British School Hosts Abu Dhabi Counsellors

At Aspen Heights British School, we know that mental health is more important than ever, and we are dedicated to providing our students and community with the tools and resources they need to stay healthy, happy, and resilient. We recently celebrated our Mental Wellbeing Week with a variety of initiatives to raise awareness and support the mental health of our students and staff, including mindfulness activities, quiet time, yoga sessions, and interactive assemblies for all students. Our school also hosted the meeting for the Abu Dhabi School Counsellor’s Network (ADSCN) with distinguished mental health practitioners and speakers.

Speaking about the importance of this event, Emma Shanahan, Principal of Aspen Heights British School, said: “We value the opportunity to collaborate with other experienced and professional colleagues to focus on improving, supporting and developing the wellbeing and mental health of our children. At Aspen Heights British School, the wellbeing of our students and staff is high up on the list of our priorities and values. The ADSCN Committee meeting addressed the evolving needs of students and has given us a better understanding of strategies that we can put into place to support our young people. The emphasis on wellbeing and mental health will not only make the educational experience for our children more beneficial, but it will also teach them strategies to help them cope with challenges and succeed throughout their lives.”

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