Ahlan @ Aspen - Aspen Heights Student Run Podcast

Students at Aspen Heights British School have taken the initiative to amplify the voices and stories of the school community, by starting a weekly podcast named “Ahlan @ Aspen “. This podcast, entirely created and produced by students, offers a fresh and engaging perspective on life at Aspen Heights British School.

“Ahlan” is an Arabic term that means “welcome,” and it reflects the warm and inclusive atmosphere of our school community. This student-led podcast has quickly become an exciting platform where students, teachers, and staff come together to discuss a wide range of topics, showcasing the diverse talents and interests within the school.

A unique aspect of “Ahlan @ Aspen Heights” is the collaborative effort behind it. Every week, our Podcast Club meets with Miss Katy Bailey, Head of Primary and EYFS and the Editor and Creative Manager for ‘Ahlan @ Aspen”. The club discusses their ideas for original content and collectively record their segments.  This team effort ensures that each episode is not only authentic but also relevant to the school’s events and educational initiatives. The podcast’s soundtrack is composed by our very own teacher, Jack Henderson, adding a touch of professionalism to the show’s production. Moreover, the eye-catching logo of the podcast was designed by Year 3 student Samuella, who won the school-wide podcast logo design competition. Her creation now proudly represents the “Ahlan @ Aspen Heights” brand on Spotify, showcasing the creativity that thrives within the school.

The podcast is recorded in our brand new media room, which was recently inaugurated by Laura Naylor, a prominent presenter at Dubai 92 Radio. This dedicated space ensures that “Ahlan @ Aspen Heights” is equipped with the latest recording and editing technology, allowing the student hosts to produce high-quality content for their audience.

Talking about her impressions of the media room and the students she met Laura Naylor said “I love the name of the podcast. It gives such a lovely warm vibe.  Having a podcast in the school run by students is such a brilliant idea, and the media room is simply amazing. This initiative will help young people get into the media industry, and build their confidence. The Podcast club students were fantastic, asking me questions that were very very challenging. I had such a good time, and will definitely be coming back soon!”

“Ahlan @ Aspen Heights” covers a wide range of topics, from student life and academics to extracurricular activities and the aspirations of the school community. By focusing on the interests and experiences of Aspen Heights British School students, the podcast aims to strengthen the bonds within the school community while sharing its unique identity with the external audiences.

Aspen Heights British School and the “Ahlan @ Aspen Heights” podcast provide an inspiring example of how students can take the lead in connecting, informing, and entertaining their community. This podcast is not just a shining example of the school’s commitment to student empowerment, but also a reflection of the vibrant and diverse voices that make up the Aspen Heights community. Don’t forget to tune in to “Ahlan @ Aspen” on Spotify and find out all that’s new and interesting at Aspen Heights British School!