The Ridiculous Rhyme Show at Aspen Heights

The presenters of hit BBC 1 children’s show ‘The Rhyme Rocket’, Joe Chambers and Andrew Crawford recently visited Aspen Heights from the UK to perform their live production, ‘The Ridiculous Rhyme Show’.

The Ridiculous Rhyme Show is a hilarious combination of pantomime, music and educational content, aimed at encouraging children to have fun with creative wordplay. The show was incredibly enjoyable and the children absolutely loved it. The presenters used a unique way of teaching Phonics by engaging the students in singing songs, playing interactive games, and then encouraging them to come up with their own rhymes for the songs. We are delighted and proud at the success of this event, and hope to continue bringing such high quality, interactive learning opportunities to our school every year, so that our students can enjoy every moment of learning in school.