Teaching Sustainability at Aspen Heights

Teaching sustainability in school allows students to gain hands-on experience, take responsibility for their actions and understand how they can contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

 At Aspen Heights, this is an important part of our curriculum, and the understanding of sustainability helps students to further develop their knowledge, skills and values about their own wellbeing and of the environment as a whole.

In a recent article written by Education Middle East, our Principal, Mrs. Emma Shanahan shares details about how we teach students about sustainability at Aspen Heights British School. She also talks about our thriving hydroponics greenhouse and our Aspen animals which include giant African snails, a hamster, fish, tortoises, chickens and our newest additions – four kittens. Most of our subjects across all year groups have environmental aspects embedded within the learning that takes place.

All of our staff at Aspen Heights British School are committed to teaching sustainability through their lessons and they act as role models for our students. We have a ‘Sustainability’ team, comprised of teachers from all phases of the school. This group organizes cross-school and community events, coordinates the work of the eco-council, and delivers sustainable practices training to our support staff.

Teaching Sustainability