Mrs. Shanahan meets Professor, a water monitor lizard!

Environmental awareness is an important part of the daily lives of students at Aspen Heights and amazing learning is what we strive to provide every day. We are excited to share that Aspen was the first school to take part in a new program launched by The National Aquarium, and our principal Mrs Emma Shanahan had the chance to meet a unique animal called the Professor – a water monitor lizard.

Mrs Shanahan donned her wetsuit and got into the tank with Professor, the water monitor lizard, and a resident marine biologist. Our children were able to join in on the fun through a livestream, and they asked many questions and spoke about  marine conservation. Through this programme the National Aquarium is offering an approach to learning by getting closer to animals and their environments.

In an article with Gulf news, Mrs Shanahan shared, “We are excited to be the first school to meet ‘Professor’ and work with The National Aquarium education team. This meeting fits well with our focus on providing hands-on learning opportunities to our students. Our children are passionate about the natural world and an important part of our curriculum focuses on the ocean, how our students interact with their natural environment and sustainability. Meeting ‘Professor’ has brought learning to life for them, answered a lot of their questions — all the while giving them even more to think about”.

Water monitor lizard