ISP Arabic Spelling Bee at Aspen Heights - Aspen Heights British School

The annual ISP Arabic Spelling Bee, launched in 2022 to celebrate the beauty of the Arabic language, encourages our students to practice and present their spelling skills to a panel of Middle Eastern judges. In the inaugural year, all Arabic first language students from Grade 1/Year 2 to Grade 8/Year 9 at the six ISP schools in the Middle East took part in the exciting competition. By the third round, each school had selected a child to represent them in the final competition, a live Spelling Bee in front of competitors, and six judges.

For each of the three rounds of the Arabic Spelling Bee, students were challenged to learn an age-appropriate list of words linked to the Arabic curriculum. Parents were encouraged to get involved by helping their child prepare for the in-person and digital rounds of the competition.

Our Head of Arabic, Ouassila Knani, was delighted with the success of the event. She says, “Students enjoyed practicing the spelling out of words. They were so enthusiastic and motivated during all the rounds. It was a real opportunity for them to improve their Arabic speaking and reading skills. In addition, they were able to elevate their self-confidence and challenged themselves to qualify for the final round. I was really impressed with the massive effort from families, teachers and students during this competition. I am very proud of the Aspen Heights students who won in the last round against students from other ISP schools!”

Following the highly successful competition in 2022, we will be expanding the ISP Arabic Spelling Bee in 2023 to both our first and second language Arabic students.

“Arabic language learning is an important part of the curriculum in all our schools hence we launched the ISP Arabic Spelling Bee to encourage our students to enhance their language knowledge. The competition was fierce, and I am in awe of the winners who showed a mastery of the language, a commitment to the subject and maturity to enter the competition,” said Abigail Fishbourne, School Improvement Partner, ISP Middle East.

Congratulations to the nine ISP students who won. We would like to extend a special congratulations to Yousef in Year 7 and Haroun in Year 9. They placed first and won their Year group division in the regional round, where they competed with students from other ISP schools.

As part of this ISP Arabic Spelling Bee as a school, we recognised winners for each participating age group. Our winners are:

  • Shaam – Year 2
  • Abdel Aziz – Year 3
  • Joudy – Year 4
  • Malak – Year 5
  • Abdel Malik – Year 6
  • Yousef  – Year 7
  • Ammer – Year 8
  • Haroun – Year 9
We are very proud of every student who took part in this competition, and we celebrate your dedication, your commitment and your passion for the Arabic Language.


Watch the full ISP Arabic Spelling Bee Awards Ceremony