Houbara Conservation Project Ambassadors - Aspen Heights British School

Aspen Heights British School was honoured to be chosen as a pilot school in the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) education project last academic year. The Houbara is an indigenous bird of the UAE, living in vast plains and semi-arid regions in pebbly sandy deserts with scattered vegetation cover. The biggest threats to Houbara are; the decline of natural habitats due to urban encroachment, the expansion land used for agriculture, poaching and unregulated hunting.

Our children have spent a lot of time learning about these wonderful birds, and have become experts! We were delighted that two students were given the opportunity to be honourary ambassadors for the fund, and take part in the IFHC stand at ADIHEX last month. Mahra and Omar prepared a talk, and were ready to inform visitors to the exhibition with facts and conservation information about the Houbara population in the UAE.

Our ambassadors were proud to then be invited to the launch event where our participation in the pilot scheme was acknowledged, and our students were able to share their work in an exhibition at Etihad Towers. We thank IFHC for the opportunity to be part of this special project.