Celebrating UAE Culture and Heritage - Aspen Heights British School
Our children from FS1 to Year 6 were learning about different aspects of the culture of the UAE throughout the week, culminating in the children producing artefacts, artwork, posters, maps etc for a ‘living museum’ exhibit in our courtyard for our National day celebrations.

Year groups combined themes to facilitate collaborative work and peer teaching. This learning also happened in Arabic and Social studies classes, and the completed exhibition was an integration of English and Arabic, exactly what we are trying to focus on this year.

Thank you to our wonderful staff, and amazing families for your support of our school. We all worked as a community to provide a memorable and vibrant day of celebration and national pride. Thank you all for your support, especially the Al Hammadi family for the beautiful boat and sail and to Friends of Aspen for all your hard work.

At 11.30 on Thursday 29th November all staff, children and families came together for a minutes silence and quiet reflection to think about those in the armed forces who give so much so that we can live in a peaceful and tolerant society.

The mood was appropriately sombre in contrast to the fun and previous days celebrations. Thank you to all the families who took part.