AHBS Students Test Abu Dhabi's New Cutting-Edge Airport

Aspen Heights students had a remarkable experience as they were invited to test the brand-new Terminal A at the Abu Dhabi International Airport.

We are proud that we were  one of the first groups to test the new Terminal before its opening. Our IB Diploma students had a great time acting like passengers travelling to Paris. They went through the whole process of checking in, going through immigration and then they boarded their “flights”. The Terminal A testing experience aligned with the IB principles of CAS (Community, Action, Service) by encouraging students to apply their creativity, engage in meaningful activities, and develop a sense of appreciation and responsibility towards the community and the services being provided. Our students learnt a lot about the process of aviation and hospitality services, while exploring the automated check-in kiosks, VIP lounges, various restaurants, and sustainability features of the airport.

Aldo, our Year 12 IB Pine scholar and Student Body President at Aspen Heights British School, shared his thoughts about the visit, I’ve never been in a first-class lounge before and it was incredible!  The architecture of the airport is amazing and as an IB art student, I was very impressed.  If you look up it looks like the roof meets the sky.  I am very impressed with the state of the art technology and the equipment of the terminal”

Shahad, another Year 12 IB student, agreed with Aldo but also added, “The airport staff was incredibly sweet and the whole process was very smooth. We really felt like we were on our way to Paris. We learnt a lot about how they devised their systems and processes and as an Economics student I was able to connect a lot of the concepts learnt in class, with how the airport aims to manage demand and supply of various services

Thank you to the Abu Dhabi Airport staff for their amazing hospitality and efficient service throughout this adventure.