Aspen Heights Ready for Gen Z's Unconventional Career Choices

Khaleej Times recently published an article about why Gen Z students are moving away from traditional career choices, and choosing to be influencers and Youtubers among other unconventional job roles. As the leader of one of the schools that has always kept ahead of the curve in terms of curriculum and learning strategies,  our Principal Mrs Emma Shanahan was asked to comment on this cultural shift. Here is what she had to say:

“Young people making career choices that are different from their parents is nothing new- this is a natural generational shift, and is critical for innovation, change and the development of humankind. At Aspen, we are preparing our students to be independent and creative thinkers through the IB learner skills, taught explicitly and implicitly throughout the school. Students are well equipped to be successful in careers that are yet to be invented; collaboration, digital literacy and enquiry skills are all interwoven into our curriculum to give our graduating students the very best opportunity. Our students have a very well developed sense of integrity and strong values; many of our students have aspirations to work in environmental sustainability development, and in scientific fields to harness new and efficient ways to impact positively on reversing the impact of global warming.”