Aspen’s Nursery students win recycling competition

In a resounding display of creativity and commitment to sustainability, Aspen Heights British School secured a notable second place in the ‘Art of Recycling’ competition’s Nursery division, hosted by Yalla magazine. Outshining 400 participants, the school’s achievement reflects its dedication to fostering environmental consciousness among its students.

The winning entry called ‘Camel’ was a creation of our FS2 students, made by repurposing cardboard and waste paper. The ‘Art of Recycling’ competition served as a platform for students to apply the principles of sustainability in a tangible and creative manner. Our students not only showcased their artistic talents but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the environmental impact of waste.

The shortlisted entries, including those from Aspen Heights British School, we on display at  Abu Dhabi Mall for several weeks, allowing the wider community to appreciate the innovative and eco-conscious efforts of our young students.

Aspen Heights British School’s success in the competition is a testament to our school’s commitment to incorporating sustainability into the curriculum, right from Early Years Foundation Stage. We are dedicated to fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and helping our future generations actively contribute to the well-being of the planet.