FS2 Visit Little World - Aspen Heights British School


At Aspen we commit to providing meaningful and memorable learning experiences for your children. Children in FS2 Doves were very excited about their visit this week to ‘Little World’ Most conversations in the days preceding were focused on the trip, and the children behaved in an exemplary manner and were a real credit to our school.

Doves attended some fascinating workshops; in the first work shop they created a chemical reaction. They were amazed by how the chemicals reacted with one another.

In the second workshop they found out that Superheroes don’t always risk their lives by entering dangerous places, instead they use a green screen to create the effect! The children had lots of fun creating their scene.

By the end of the day, each child had an even better understanding of how different things work around us e.g. caring for sea creatures, water, air pressure, construction, role play, physical play. It was a truly memorable learning experience! Well done FS2 Doves.