Aspen Heights feature in Abu Dhabi World - Aspen Heights British School

Abu Dhabi’s Aspen Heights British School follows the National Curriculum for England, tailored to meet the needs of the UAE’s international community, as well as the Ministry of Education curriculum for Arabic subjects.

Emma Shanahan, school principal, explains: “At Aspen Heights British School we facilitate learning that is relevant, effective, meaningful and fun, utilising a breadth of creative and innovative teaching approaches, enabling children to make amazing progress. Our personalised provision ensures that children make remarkable progress and achieve standards that will amaze you.

We encourage our children to strive for excellence in all that they do, giving them the very best springboard into a world that demands hard work, knowledge, resilience and compassion.

Our curriculum utilises the wonders of Abu Dhabi’s locality and ecology to inspire learning and create a sense of responsibility for the environment. Our enquiry-based learning programme enables children to develop confidence as they learn a myriad of things; academic, social, physical and cultural.”