Community and Sustainability Focus at School Iftar

In the heart of our community, beneath the twinkling lights that decorated our school courtyard, Aspen Heights British School recently hosted its annual Iftar. It was a vibrant celebration of unity, diversity, and sustainability. Families from various cultures and backgrounds gathered to break their fast together, creating cherished memories and strengthening bonds of our community.

“Our annual Iftar is not just a gathering; it’s a testament that community is at the heart of everything we do,” said Mrs Shanahan, proud of the event’s success. “It’s a time when we come together as one, embracing each other’s cultures and traditions, and this is what makes Aspen Heights so special. Thank you to our families for making this year’s Iftar, the best one yet.”

Our courtyard buzzed with activity as children played together, while parents exchanged food and stories with equal generosity. The event was exciting, with our Arabic team and volunteers hosting arts and crafts activities for EYFS and Primary children, with the older students taking part in a Ramadan Kahoot quiz, deepening their understanding of the holy month.



One of the highlights of the evening was the emphasis on sustainability. In alignment with our ethos of environmental consciousness, families brought their own cutlery from home, reducing single-use plastic waste and exemplifying our commitment to protecting the planet.

‘Thanks for inviting us to the Aspen Heights Iftar. We look forward to this event every year and its definitely not disappointing tonight. It’s gorgeous, the food is amazing, and the company is great,”  ” commented a delighted parent.

Another parent agreed saying, “We can truly see how Aspen Heights values the feeling of community. It is so heart-warming to break bread and meet every one in such a beautiful and peaceful setting.”

The success of the event would not have been possible without the dedication and support of the entire Aspen community, especially the Arabic staff. As the evening drew to a close, and families dispersed with hearts full of gratitude and connection, the spirit of Ramadan lingered in the air, leaving our community with lasting memories.

Aspen Heights British School in Abu Dhabi is an international school with more than 50 nationalities. Our school community comes together regularly to celebrate all cultures, and ensures that our students also develop a strong understanding of National Identity in relation to the UAE.