Our Mission & Vision - Aspen Heights British School

Our Mission & Vision


Amazing learning, a global vision and a true sense of community are the fundamentals that provide students with the tools they need to turn passion into purpose and influence.


Our mission is to ensure that all children of different nationalities grow and achieve together, as independent learners and responsible global citizens in a supportive and nurturing learning community. We are committed to developing and supporting all members of our community; children, families and staff, by working collaboratively with colleagues across the globe through the International Schools Partnership.


Our vision is dynamic and responsive to the needs of our local and global community, and our environment, underpinned by our core values:

Excellence, Engagement, Environmental Awareness and Creativity.

Aspen Heights British School aspires to nurture children to become responsible leaders of the future, by facilitating hands-on, active learning, inspiring children to engage with one another and reflect on global environmental issues, and facilitating an empowered and motivated learning community.


Aspen Heights British School believes that each individual has a unique potential to amaze. Our goal is to nurture that potential to ensure our students learn, lead and inspire so that the world becomes a better place.

A True Sense of Community

The Aspen Heights British School community is a family of highly diverse individuals whose collective aim is to build a better world through amazing learning. The power of the Aspen Heights learning community is achieved by recognising, valuing and connecting the different contributions and talents of all its members. Through an uncompromising balance of individualism and unity we inspire students to find their own unique paths to making a difference.