We offer a personalised, high quality
British education, with a focus on the
community and environment

Wonderful, brand new facilities with
environmental features such as
a hydroponics garden and animals

Part of International Schools Partnership,
with globally recognised teaching
and learning standards

All teachers are experienced and passionate

We facilitate learning that is relevant, effective, meaningful and fun, utilizing creative and innovative approaches, enabling children to make amazing progress

Aspen Heights British School in Al Bayha, Abu Dhabi was founded in September 2017 and offers a high quality British curriculum to students in a personalised way, integrating the community and environment, for children aged 3 to 15 years old (Foundation Stage to Year 10). Year 10 opened in September 2021 and we will grow by an additional year group each year thereafter.



  • 'Amazing learning' is central to everything we do - your children will make remarkable progress
  • Fun, engaging, memorable and highly effective learning experiences
  • Positive and welcoming school ethos and a strong sense of community
  • Our teachers are experienced and passionate
  • Enquiry-based learning programme enables children to develop confidence
  • A focus on nature with unique features such as a hydroponics garden and animals
  • Excellent facilities for academic and sports activities
  • Part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global family of 50 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.
  • Proud to be awarded the highest possible ADEK rating across all 13 categories for Distance Learning
  • We are BSO Accredited with Excellent and Outstanding Ratings


Our spacious campus has been built keeping nature in mind, with unique features such as a hydroponics garden and animals

A warm and caring learning community – our close relationships with our families and the community is what sets us apart from many other schools

Our Information and Communications Technology offerings are among the best in Abu Dhabi; we are also one of the few Google For Education schools in Abu Dhabi

Students learn a broad range of academic subjects while learning to develop resilience, approach challenges positively, and work collaboratively for the good of the whole community.


Aspen Heights British School is proud to announce that it now accredited by the British School Overseas (BSO). The school received mostly Excellent and Outstanding ratings in the inspection and is one of a few schools in Abu Dhabi to receive this accreditation.

“Aspen Heights British School is an ambitious school with many outstanding features. There is an excellent capacity for further development. Teachers make excellent use of the wide range of resources and creative outdoor spaces to deliver interesting lessons across all subject areas. The manner in which the school links with the local and regional community is outstanding. Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary, and they enjoy school. As a result, they make good or excellent progress, becoming confident and articulate learners.” – BSO Report


“There are never any lost opportunities for learning”

Aspen Heights British School in Abu Dhabi embraces the individuality of every learner. We support student learning through a robust, student-focused curriculum, and enriching after-school programs, and focus relentlessly on each child’s ability to amaze.
Learning is about getting better, academically, socially and emotionally. Amazing Learning happens when students surprise themselves by getting better to a level beyond which they thought possible. Whether through mentoring, enrichment or personalised study, Aspen Heights British School recognises and nurtures each student’s gifts and talents so that they amaze themselves and inspire others.


The ethos and high levels of pastoral care established in the primary school follow through to the secondary school, with young people’s ability to develop resilience, approach challenges positively, and work collaboratively for the good of the whole community being central to their learning.

We teach the English National Curriculum, together with the Ministry of Education curricular requirements, and a thematic approach is used across the subjects. Following a broad provision in Years 7 to 9 (Key Stage 3), Years 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) students will be able to select options for further study leading to GCSE/ IGCSE examinations.

Unique Opportunities For Secondary Students


ASPEN HEIGHTS BRITISH SCHOOL TAKES MULTICULTURALISM TO HEART. Cross-cultural tolerance, understanding and diplomacy are just as important for our future leaders as any other classroom subject. The International Schools Partnership’s Future Global Leaders Conference offers students aged 13-17 years the opportunity to come together to debate some of our society’s most pressing issues. The conference is designed to help students improve their debating and research skills, as well develop their leadership qualities and public speaking confidence. Students are required to ‘think on their feet’ and to prepare and argue on behalf of their respective countries about real international issues.


Secondary pupils at Aspen Heights British School have a unique opportunity to learn all about a sustainable future. They all have access to our bespoke hydroponics greenhouse, whereby they learn all about hydroponics as a process and how it is used in the UAE. They are encouraged to develop their hydroponics skills and every single secondary pupil grows a fruit, vegetable or herb using this technique.


The ISP Buddy Exchange Programme will enable reciprocal exchanges between ISP schools for a period of one month for students aged between 14 – 17 years of age. It is an experience that offer students amazing and diverse learning opportunities within a safe and secure environment. The programme will deliver a unique international and cultural learning experience; enabling students to develop their language skills, share good practice and cultivate long-term friendships across the world.

Due to the postponement of our International Learning Opportunities because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are excited to launch the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange Programme (VBEP) for our students.


  • 25m heated indoor swimming pool with weekly swimming lessons.

  • Spacious, well-resourced classrooms, filled with natural light, providing excellent conditions for learning.

  • Large multi-purpose sports hall/gymnasium, an outdoor sports court and astro pitch, and a dance studio to accommodate a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

  • Dedicated music and art and craft rooms, and specialist music teachers ensure all children have the opportunity to learn the instrument of their choice.

  • Technology such as iPads and tablets, augmented reality (AR), and control technology such as remote control devices and drones for use across the curriculum.

  • Large library housing vast resources for students, staff and parents to develop their knowledge and understanding of different subjects, in English and Arabic.

  • Age-appropriate shaded play areas across the campus.


Aspen Heights British School in Abu Dhabi believes that providing children with an eco-friendly environment will instil a sense of responsibility towards the world. We offer unique environmental initiatives not provided by any other school in Abu Dhabi, including:

  • A hydroponics garden where students will be able to cultivate fruit and vegetables and will be encouraged to develop healthy eating habits;
  • Animals such as fish, chickens and tortoises.

Students will gain an understanding that much of what has been grown can be eaten and enjoyed. Such unique, hands-on learning experiences enhance and embed classroom learning. The learning environment at Aspen Heights celebrates our best use of natural resources and how we might grow and develop a sustainable life to enrich our local communities.


We are delighted with our recent parental survey feedback, 97% of our parents feel that their children are happy and 97% are making good progress! The results from the recent Aspen Heights British School Parent Survey speak for themselves.

Over 90% of parents agree that:

  • Their child is happy at Aspen Heights.
  • Their child feels safe and secure.
  • Their child is taught well.
  • The school makes sure its students are well behaved.
  • Aspen Heights is well led and managed.
  • They are satisfied with the education and progress their child is making at Aspen Heights.
  • They would recommend Aspen Heights to other parents.

At first I was concerned as Aspen was a brand new school, but our worries have disappeared! The school is very good- it is very organised in the areas of management, education and in the relationship between teachers and parents. They are very approachable and encourage families to be involved in activities. Since my son entered Aspen I have noticed very good progress. I am so happy I chose Aspen Heights for my son.

Parent of Mohamed, a Year 1 student at Aspen

My daughter has been at Aspen Heights since the school opened in September 2017. She absolutely loves her school, her friends and her teachers, and her confidence has grown so much. I love that the children get individual attention, and that the Principal knows the name of each child in her school. I can highly recommend Aspen Heights to other parents.

Parent of Liliane, an FS2 student at Aspen


Our school participates in the Expo 2020 Dubai, which witnesses the presence of countries and international institutions on a single platform to exchange experiences and knowledge and review technologies that will have an important role in promoting cooperation in the field of education at the global level by providing creative innovations and achieving social progress.

The Expo Dubai will be held under the slogan “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”. During the exhibition, our school will focus on the sub-theme “Sustainability”. The school curriculum includes many topics related to sustainability such as recycling, gardening, animal welfare, and minimizing waste. Students of the Aspen School will visit the Expo to learn about all the pavilions in it during the year 2020 in order to bring ideas and apply the topics that they will learn about during this visit in the school.

Students learn in ways that amaze them, and you


We are part of a global family of schools

The International Schools Partnership is a focused, growing and financially secure group of schools located across Europe, The Americas, The Middle East and Southeast Asia. All our schools:

  • Help children and students learn to levels that amaze them;
  • Inspire children and students to be successful now and equip them to be successful later;
  • Are truly international, working in partnerships within and across regions, cultures and languages;
  • Aim to be the first choice for children, students and their families, wherever we are.


Our school fees start at 35,000 AED (from FS1/nursery).
Discounts on fees are offered for all families with two or more children in the school, ranging from 5% to 10%.
Contact us at any time to discuss our fees and flexible payment methods.


Aspen Heights British School is located in the Al Bahya area of Abu Dhabi. We offer a monitored bus service across Abu Dhabi.

For more information, please call +971 (0)2 564 2229, WhatsApp +971 56 538 4416, or email admissions@ahbs.ae and a member of our admissions team will be in touch.